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 My name is Jenna. I began crocheting when I was a young girl taught by my Grandmother, God rest her soul. In 2010, I moved to Hyderabad, India with my Husband & Daughter. I have learned so much about myself living here and enjoy every moment! When I arrived, I had to navigate my way around and try and find crochet materials. Luckily, after long time looking, I found what I needed. Because my search was so difficult I decided I should help others find quality tools and yarn that are made domestically. 

Now, I teach and make items to help others learn crochet and have a sustainable income. I welcome everyone to check out my Etsy Store for USA or my Craftsvilla Store for India and if you are located in Andhra Pradesh I provide instruction at a small fee to those who do not qualify for my Sustainable Crochet Instruction. Please contact me if you or someone you know wants to learn how to crochet and cannot afford my classes and apply for Sustainable Crochet. 

For ORGANIZATION FUNDRAISERS, I hold Seminars on Making Crochet For Your Organization & Selling It. Please email me if your interested! 

All my products can be purchased and shipped Worldwide!!

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